PIP’s mission is to provide a nurturing, supportive environment that allows children

to feel safe, to learn about themselves, identify feelings, develop interpersonal

skills and increase self esteem.

What is PIP and what can it offer your child?

P.I.P. (Primary Intervention Program) – means the early introduction and development of skills that

promote academic and social success. Children who are successful are more resilient to life’s stresses

and have a higher sense of well-being. PIP is a prevention program specifically designed to help kids

develop resiliency and achieve success.

Children are more resilient and successful when they:

-feel competent with a sense of personal power.

-have strong and appropriate problem solving skills.

-are self-disciplined.

-believe they can influence events in their lives.

-are appropriately oriented toward success.

PIP develops resiliency and promotes success in children by:

-encouraging problem-solving and planning through child-initiated activities.

-encouraging pro-social development through child initiated role playing.

-providing leadership and decision making opportunities.

-promoting healthy attitudes toward school

-promoting appropriate ways to release challenging emotions.

-encouraging goal setting and self esteem

-practicing social skills which promote healthy relationships.

Quotes about the program from parents and teachers:

“It has been amazing to me that my son’s involvement withPIP has had such a powerful effect

on his well-being.”

“My child was frightened to go to school and having a hard time with other kids.

PIP made a huge difference in her day and after awhile she felt much happier there.”

“Having seen results as a parent of a child who benefited, I think this program is indispensable

and makes positive impacts in the lives of children.”

“Children are so eager and enthusiastic about the program.

They all want to know when their PIP turn will be.”

“The kids love the special attention and look forward to going every week.”

“Kids do so well when they have some control and unpided attention.”

“My child gained so much confidence in school it has branched into other areas of his life.”

“I wish a program like this was in place when I was a child.”

All children benefit with resiliency and success in their lives.

Please contact Margie Sabine at 376-1590, if you would like more information about how PIP has

promoted children’s well-being for over twenty years.